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About GearSourceAsia

The Asian market needed a reputable trading platform for used and new gear! That was a common sentiment and feedback from industry players and manufacturers. It was this call that inspired the team behind GearSourceAsia to reach out to the already established and well-known Gear-Source, Inc. about launching an Asia division. Headquartered in Singapore, GearSourceAsia aims to work with a wide spectrum of clients spanning all across Asia, connecting them to North America and Europe and helping them every step of the way by being closer to serve them better.

Don Chan : CEO/Technical Director

Nothing can stop the passion Don has for all things AV. Don started learning about the industry from a very young age while he was in school, and with more than 25 years in the Event Production Business, Don brings a wealth of knowledge in both the rental and the installation business. His network of clients and partners span the globe with a network of international Brands, Rental Providers, and Venues.

Carol Ong : Office Manager

Carol joined the company in it's early stages and helped build a small but mighty team. Carol keeps the wheels on the operation by managing the day-to-day operations, from order processing to accounting and much more. 

Amanda Pan : Marketing

Amanda recently joined GearSource Asia as Marketing Assistant working towards growing the Asia used gear market.