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8 Way Kara 2 Line Array System with Subwoofers

8 Way Kara 2 Line Array System with Subwoofers
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8 Way Kara 2 Line Array System with Subwoofers
8 Way Kara 2 Line Array System with Subwoofers
8 Way Kara 2 Line Array System with Subwoofers
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Great Kara 2 Package. The seller took delivery of this equipment brand new Jan 2018 and it has not been toured but used for demos and small gigs.

8x L'Acoustics Kara 2
3x road cases for Kara 2 (fits 3 each)
8x L'Acoustics SB18
8x SB18 dolly
8x SB18 covers
3x L'Acoustics LA12x amplifiers
2x L'Acoustics x12 coaxial loudspeakers
2x L'Acoustics mini bu


L'Acoustics Kara Line Array System, see individual listings for system details.

With a design inspired from the K1 stadium system, KARA delivers the highest performance level for the rental markets.

The main system components consist of the following:

  • • KARA full range element operating in the 55 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth
  • • SB18 complimentary low frequency extension element operating from 32 Hz
  • • LA-RAK touring rack fitted with LA8 amplified controllers.

KARA delivers a considerable number of improvements over the previous generation of line sources, particularly with regard to directivity control in the horizontal plane, transducers resources for increased operating bandwidth and coherence, vertical coverage capability and extensive choice of operation modes to accommodate various LF contour requirements.

With a fixed horizontal directivity of 110° and a vertical inter-element variation from 0° to 10°, KARA is fully configurable to match any audience geometry. Utilizing the unrivaled characteristics of WST® (Wavefront Sculpture Technology), KARA delivers clarity, precision, and a unique proximity effect offering the audience an incomparable listening experience.

As a standalone system, its compact size and low weight complies with rigging and visual limitations. KARA can be deployed either as a compact distributed solution for delays and fills, a dedicated K1 downfill extension for stadium and arena concert applications, or as a FOH system thanks to its full compatibility with the SB18 extension. All applications can be achieved with an extremely quick set-up.

The LA-RAK touring rack and the LA8 amplified controller preset library deliver an extremely advanced and precise drive system for KARA. A wide range of system configurations are available for the sound designer and system engineer allowing high level of creative freedom. Additional features include an intelligent 2-way transducer protection L-DRIVE circuit (PEAK and RMS limiting) and a unique Array Morphing EQ interface allowing the engineer to quickly adjust the tonal balance of the system to reach a reference curve or ensure consistency of the system sonic signature with multiple arrays of differing size.

A single LA8 can drive up to 6 KARA cabinets in a full range preset configuration for lead instruments, vocals and flat LF contour music material. Alternatively, KARA can be deployed with the SB18 to extend its bandwidth down to 32 Hz.

KARA can be acoustically and mechanically modeled with SOUNDVISION 3D simulation software. In addition, LA NETWORK MANAGER software offers remote control and monitoring of amplified controllers via a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface. The design of complex and sophisticated systems is made possible by the integration of an Ethernet-based network capability to up to 253 LA8 units.