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by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

The EC-200 leverages the ease of use of its smaller brother, the EC-50 event controller, while adding a syntax-based programming methodology that accelerates programming, offers immediate access to system resources, and streamlines show programming in a w...
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by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Bringing the same performance and features as the S3-4K, the S3-4K Jr model is ideally suited for applications that do not require the full capacity of the S3-4K. It comes with 8 inputs, 4 outputs, and 2 mixers in the same 3 RU form factor as its bigger S...
1 Available
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by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

This version of the E2 features four tri-combo input and one tri-combo output cards. This means 4K60p content can be handled on a single cable. The new 6.0 Event Master software enables each tri-combo card to handle 2x4K60p. There are also 6HDs per slot....
13 Available
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13 Used
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

The most compact version of the Event Master controllers delivers instant access to the most crucial features, for everything from a tradeshow booth to a large corporate event, or even a music tour.  The EC-30 gives the operator a compact surface and simp...
3 Available
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3 Used
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

This device adds flexibility and greater control to multi-screen and single screen events. The controller enhances PIP and KEY placement, source switching, and layer control options during a presentation. The ScreenPRO-II Controller includes access to 36...
9 Available
0 New
9 Used
by Christie Digital in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Find various Christie Digital projector lamps here. See individual listings for more details....
28 Available
28 New
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by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Find various Barco Accessories and Parts here. See individual listings for details...
9 Available
9 New
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by Other in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Professional universal single channel video processor up to WQXGA and 3840x1080 @60Hz input without compression and WUXGA HDMI / VGA outputs for curve screen & projector portrait edge blending. Designed with patented geometry alignment, PIP, active /...
2 Available
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2 Used
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

Barco HDX Cell Phone Module  This product is an option of the following products: HDF-W30 FLEX, HDX-W12, HDF-W26, HDX-W14, HDF-W30LP FLEX, HDF-W22, HDX-W20 FLEX, HDX-W18, HDQ-2K40....
4 Available
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

The LKRI-003 for SRX-R320P is designed to give a solution to high picture quality requirements in Digital Intermediate, Color Grading and Theatrical Projection. It enables RGB:4:4 and YPbPr4:4:4 10-bit signal interface and can project motion picture image...
50 Available
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