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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

Designed for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications, the compact, arrayable UPA-1C allows for controlled coverage of wide areas in theater, club and concert sound reinforcement. The powerful loudspeaker delivers high sound pressure levels with...
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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

Designed for sound reinforcement applications requiring minimum size, the UPM-1 delivers high sound pressure levels with very low distortion and extremely even coverage in both axes. Suitable for a wide range of applications from music playback and delay...
19 Available
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19 Used
by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The KF850 Series has been the touring system standard for well over ten years, being acceptable in more technical riders than any other loudspeaker. Its longevity is attested to by the fact that with over 10,000 units already out in the field, several hun...
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

For greater low frequency output, the SR4733A makes use of dual 15 inch VGC transducers. This benefits those who need to generate the most amount of bass from the least number of boxes. Applications include rental sound for mains and side fills, as the ma...
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by Funktion One in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The Resolution 5 Touring enclosure is a high intensity three-way, mid-high loudspeaker used to create accurate point-source arrays.  The unique and patented midrange Axhead loading device not only gives incredible efficiency and dispersion control, but al...
22 Available
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22 Used
by Martin Audio in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The remarkable, miniature EM15 full-range system features twin 5" drivers in a two-way configuration utilizing ICT™ (Inductively Coupled Transducer) technology. Energizing the HF diaphragm by induction is the effective alternative to a voice coil, av...
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by Martin Audio in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The award-winning Wavefront W8C is lightweight and compact. It can be rigged quickly to deliver outstanding power and performance in smaller configurations than was previously possible with other loudspeakers. Audience experience is enhanced by true music...
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3 Used
by Bose in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

This 300-watt loudspeaker is designed for use in single and multiple configurations in permanently installed indoor applications. The slim profile of the Panaray MA12 loudspeaker adds an attractive design element to any installation. The Panaray MA12 loud...
2 Available
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2 Used
by Bose in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The Panaray LT loudspeaker family delivers a choice of dispersion patterns and SPLs for a wide range of engineered sound applications. They can be found in stadiums and arenas, houses of worship, auditoriums, performing arts facilities and multipurpose mu...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The Electro-Voice® Xn is a three-way, 18-inch, medium-throw, full-range system. It features a horn-loaded mid-bass section, and an asymmetrically placed, coaxial, high-frequency section (RMD™ technique)....
29 Available
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29 Used