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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

A portable subwoofer system with 2x 18-in transducers in a vented rectangular enclosure. The SB1000e high output Stadium Array Series subwoofer’s slanted baffles maximize cone area and minimize frontal area for flexibility in creating large subwoofer arra...
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by Wharfedale Pro in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

Diamond 8.2 Active Built using the Diamond family transducers in specially designed enclosures, and with a custom designed bi-amplifier package, the Diamond 8.1 Active is a complete and balanced two channel system. For recording, and for mixing down the a...
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by Genelec in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

Genelec 8020B Studio Monitor Specifications: Maximum sound pressure level: 95 dB Frequency response: 66 Hz - 20 kHz (± 2.5 dB), 65 Hz - 21 kHz (-3 dB) Crossover frequency: 3.0 kHz Driver dimension: Bass 4 in + Treble 3/4 in metal dome + DCW Amplifier pow...
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by Genelec in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

The Genelec 1032A is a powerful two-way active monitoring system including magnetically shielded drivers, speaker enclosure, multiple power amplifiers and active low signal level crossover. Due to its compact size , this system is ideal for high power nea...
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by Genelec in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

The Genelec 8020D is small in dimensions, but big in ambition. The 8020D, introduced in 2017, even delivers 4 dB higher SPL and has a lower energy consumption than earlier models of 8020. Designed to suit the broadest possible range of listening environme...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Videotek in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

VTM-4100 Packages are pre-defined groupings of modules to quickly get you the monitoring package you need. Select among HD/SD-SDI and ASI monitoring applications with advanced physical jitter, Dolby and advanced audio, loudness and lip sync monitoring opt...
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by Event in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

With the Event Studio Precision 8 Powered Monitors, the engineers at Event Electronics have come up with a totally new design that surpasses anything they've done to date. The Studio Precision 8 monitors bring a whole new dimension to the direct field mon...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Event in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

Event's 20/20 V2 Direct Field Monitor System continue the tradition of excellence begun with the original 20/20. A passive version of the popular 20/20bas V2 biamplified monitors, the 20/20 V2 monitors feature a carefully designed 8 in. woofer and a 25mm...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by KRK Surround System in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Studio

KRK’s Rokit Powered studio monitors provide a level of precisionand performance unheard of in monitors in this class. Rokit Poweredmonitors feature several of the key design elements found in KRK’s premium models, many of which have become the “studio sta...
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