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by HB-Laser Systems in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

LightCube NexGen Professional Edition - the all-rounder for rough mobile-use and fixed-installations for all applications. Fit with the approved DPSS/laserdiode-technology. Housing made of black anodized 6 mm thick aluminium and with a stainless-steel cov...
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by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

Various Laser Systems, see individual listing for details....
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

Quite possibly the best laser ever built, the brand new for 2012 X-Laser Dimension 3D Imaging Laser is the most power packed, Class IIIB laser on the planet. Boasting a HUGE 3 Watts of balanced whitelight laser power, the dimension is built to project in...
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by Laserworld in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

The brand new SwissLas Pure Micro Series sets new standards in terms of high power lasers in extremely small housings. These new units make no compromise, but are equipped with the very latest SwissLas diode technology and extremely advanced Xscan galvos....
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

Type: visible beam diode Diode Power: Less than 5mw (Class IIIa) Range: 200' diameter w/o detector,            up to 800' w/detector Accuracy: Within 1/8" @ 50' Power source: 4 D-cell alkaline batteries Rotation Speed: Variable- up to 500 rpm W...
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by Laserworld in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

More and more requested is the Club Series, as it is the entry to professional laser control - but prices are at very low level. So many club owners decide to go for these systems. All devices can be controlled by DMX, ILDA or even through auto and music...
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by Laserwurx in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

LX Series Projectors Full colour moving head lasers for animations and graphics are a compelling source for advertisements shows or logos.  All LX Projectors ship complete with a huge content library. Atmospheric effects, holiday and special occasion show...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

Light up any party with the Micro Galaxian laser. This green and red laser produces more than 200 beams that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor. Safe to use, this laser complies with FDA standards. The Micro Galaxian is easy to use – just...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

Bring Pure Lighting Excitement to any party with the ADJ Micro Image RGB. This laser produces 25 exciting red, green and blue geometric laser patterns from its 15 built-in programs. Like the other ADJ Micro Lasers, the Micro Image RGB has a compact case w...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Showtec in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers

Want to create great beam shows and control your single laser beam by DMX? The Galactic beam makes it happen. It is equipped with a strong 40mW green Fat-Beam laser which projects a strong and solid beam. By using fat-beam technology we are able to use 40...
Temporarily Out Of Stock