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by TC Electronics in Pro Audio \ Delays

D-Two - Multitap rhythm delay Renowned as a manufacturer of pristine, high quality solutions for the professional audio industry, the heritage of TC Electronic encompasses more than 20 proud years of know-how in developing cutting-edge digital technology...
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by TC Electronics in Pro Audio \ Delays

Acclaimed as the Industry Standard Digital Delay, the TC 2290 is to be found in recording studios, PA rigs and guitarists’ FX racks around the globe. The TC 2290 combines unique operational features and superior sound quality, allowing you a greater degr...
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by Sonifex in Pro Audio \ Delays

The RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted. It features an automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows between 2 and 55 (*) seconds of delay to be built up...
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by Dynacord in Pro Audio \ Delays

The EV/Dynacord DDL 102 is a high-quality, one-in/two-out digital signal delay. The two delay outputs make it possible to serve up to two loudspeakers groups with different delay time, avoiding echo effects, increasing speech intelligibility and preservin...
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by ART in Pro Audio \ Delays

The PD-3 is a high performance multi-tapped digital delay system. Designed primarily for time synchronization in multiple sound distribution systems, the PD3's versatility offers a significant performance improvement in sound reinforcement, recording stud...
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by XTA in Pro Audio \ Delays

The DP100 is a 2 input 4 output assignable audio delay featuring 3 band parametric equalization for each output, 11 micro-second minimum delay increment, 80 memories, excellent dynamic range and compensation function for ambient temperature change. XTA's...
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by Roland in Pro Audio \ Delays

The Roland SDE3000 is a rackmount mono delay, including delay phase, filter, modulation and feedback modulation. With an input attenuator and a variety of connection options, the SDE3000 is useful for almost any application. The front panel features delay...
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by Roland in Pro Audio \ Delays

The SDE-330 Dimensional Space Delay dedicated single rackmount digital effects is a no-compromise solution to professional requirements. At an affordable price, Roland's leading-edge digital technology creates the kind of effects you'd expect from expensi...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Roland in Pro Audio \ Delays

The Roland Digital Delay SDE-1000 is a high quality delay machine with various attractive features.• Wide Frequency Characteristics, Low Harmonic Distortion and Low Noise.• Long Delay Time (Max. 1125ms).• Highly Accurate Delay Time Display (0.1ms step ind...
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