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by Wharfedale Pro in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

The XO-206 is a crossover built for stereo tri amplified sound reinforcement systems. A simplified front panel layout and feature set takes the confusion out of complicated set ups. A completely intuitive interface with protective features means you can s...
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by Symetrix in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

The Symetrix 524E is a high-performance multi-mode crossover/speaker processor. The 524E can be used in stereo two-way and mono three- and four-way systems. Not only will the 524E slice your input signal into as many as four bands, it will also protect th...
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by Xilica Audio Design in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

DPA3655QR: it is a 3 input x 6 output Speaker Processor. The activity of the 3 inputs is displayed by rows of 6 level leds + 1 clip led, the activity of the 6 outputs is displayed by rows of 5 level leds + 1 clip led + 1 Limiter led. The unit has 3 analog...
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by KME in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

The DAP 26 is a freely configurable controller with 2 analog inputs, a digital AES / EBU input and 6 analog outputs. It all configurations (stereo 2-way stereo 3-way Mono 6-way) are possible. The freely programmable signal routing of all outputs allows a...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

Gemini's CX-1000 is a 3-way crossover, allowing DJs and clubs to split their signal into three separate signals, each with their own frequency range. This allows users to get the most out of their subwoofers, drivers, and horns by optimizing the audio sig...
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by Other in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

Electric Crossover from Biamp....
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by Crown in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

Crown's CXM2000 is a Cinema Monitor and Crossover System. With the CXM2000, audiences can enjoy wonderful sound from JBL cinema speakers. When used with Crown amplifiers, it allows for either processor input signal or amplifier output signal monitoring, w...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

The MX300i CCEP is a two channel, Three-way electronic crossover designed for use in both fixed installations and touring sound systems and is supplied configured for use with specific EAW system configurations. This removes the burden of "setting up...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

The MX250 Close Coupled Electronic Processor is designed to optimize the performance of a wide range of EAW loudspeakers in biamplified applications. It provides crossover, equalization, and phase compensation functions in optimizing system performance. I...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by JBL in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

M553: Low/LoMid: 180 Hz to 2 kHz (18 to 200 Hz), LoMid/HiMid: 450 Hz to 5 kHz, HiMid/High: 800 Hz to 9 kHz Maximum Input Level:+24 dBu, XLR balanced Maximum Output Level:+27 dBu (+25 dBm), XLR balanced Input Impedance:  Balanced:10 kOhms Un...
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