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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

MAGICFX Stadium Shots are the most powerful confetti / streamer cannons available! The stadium shots give an enormous burst of confetti or streamers! They provide their “shot” via a compressed air accumulator tank pressurized to 8 bar! The valve is actuat...
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by Universal Effects in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

The UE Super Shooter is a confetti machine. Confetti are propelled by CO2 or nitrogen (N2) through a single large size venturi system. Designed to used on the floor, it is very powerful so you can shoot up to 20 kg of confetti, to height up to 20 to 30m....
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

Highly efficient Kabuki Celebration Launchers deliver state of the art confetti and streamer effects. The CO2 activated manual launchers come in two sizes - the 32 inch model and the 18 inch model. There are two types of Kabuki Auto-Launchers - the AC Aut...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

MAGICFX Stadium Shot X-treme Extra handles on the flightcase Wheel casters (cups) in lid of the flightcase PED certified tank with flat sides according to the latest regulations Special stainless steel quick connectors on tank and shot barrel (saves a lo...
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by LeMaitre in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

The Confetti Cannon produces a spectacular effect. It is operated by a pyrotechnic maroon in the base of the cannon, covered with a cardboard wad and up to 2 kilos of confetti or glitter. On detonation by a Le Maitre firing system, there is a loud bang...
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by LeMaitre in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

Ultratec’s Pro Launcher is manufactured with quality and reliability that is expected from the leading special effects manufacturer. The Pro Launcher projects Pro Fetti or Pro Streamers up to 30 feet. The consumables that are required to operate this mach...
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by Strong in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

Air compressed cannon for spreading over the audience lightweight products like confetti, streamers, papers, etc. It includes an air tank with 3 outlets for adapting 3 cannons in order to make 3 shots without reloading. Each of the three cannons is manuf...
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by Sigma Services in Lighting & Effects \ Confetti Machines

Tsunami ..................................................................................................... Truss Mounted 3-way confetti gerb, perfect for broad dispersion...
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