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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Both flexible and efficient, the MAC Viper AirFX is a new concept that combines hard-edge, mid-air effects and a beautiful wash field in one luminaire. Featuring a great selection of all-new gobo designs, hard-edge effects remain stunning across the fixtu...
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by Clay Paky in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

An extraordinarily bright, silent spotlight with an innovative look, that is equipped with a wide zoom for professional and entertainment settings having more limited budgets....
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by Robe in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Here’s our Point. It’s very bright and super-fast with a sharp parallel beam that cuts through the air and across video with ease. It can project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane. Tigh...
283 Available
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by Clay Paky in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Alpha Profile 1500 is a cutting-edge professional beam shaper that combines the high output power of a 1500 W lamp with an exclusive framing system (patented by Clay Paky) capable of any shape. It features an astonishing 1:9 ratio zoom, with a breatht...
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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8 position color wheel and a gobo animation system for dramatic projection effects. It also featur...
231 Available
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by Varilite in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Proudly built in the USA, the VARI*LITE VL3500 Spot luminaire maintains the same high standards for imagery, beam control, color and brightness set by the original VARI*LITE Series 3000 Spot luminaires, but with the added feature of a four-blade shutter m...
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by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The IRIDEON AR50 interior wash luminaire represents the state-of-the-art in specialized indoor floodlighting. The luminaire features a patented, computer-controlled, dichroic color-changing mechanism, optional diffuser or douser mechanism, interchangeable...
1 Available
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by Futurelight in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Futurelight PHS1200 Moving Head - Spot   - 1200 W lamp   - 4 color filters   - CMY   - 10x interchangeable rotating gobo   - 2x removable static gobo   - rotating prism   - iris   - strobing   - range of motion of 540 ° Pan and 265 ° Tilt   -...
6 Available
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1 Available
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by Clay Paky in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

S cenius Profile is the new Clay Paky beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. The optical reflector has been designed specifically for this product, in order to make the projection perfectly uniform across the whole beam opening, avoidi...
112 Available
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