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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ System Processors

The Dx38 is a two-in, four-out loudspeaker processor. A dynamic range of 115 dB, for highest audio performance; 48-bit filter algorithms 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion. Real-time control and configuration via front panel or PC interface with RACE software...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

A driving force in concert sound reinforcement since its beginning, EV is dedicated to developing products that exceed the ever-higher expectations of audiences, performers, and production professionals the world over. We channel our industry?leading engi...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The Electro-Voice® Xn is a three-way, 18-inch, medium-throw, full-range system. It features a horn-loaded mid-bass section, and an asymmetrically placed, coaxial, high-frequency section (RMD™ technique)....
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The Electro-Voice Xsub(F) high-output, dual, 1200-watt, subwoofer system features EVX 180B woofers in a rectangular cabinet with a footprint identical to other X-Line systems. As a linear array technology system, the Xsub(F) can be flown or ground-stacked...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

XLD281 The XLD281 is the core element for constructing X-Line Very Compact systems. The XLD281 is a three–way design using Coverage Control Technology (CCT™) to provide control horizontal coverage to 250Hz.  The XLD281 uses an eight-inch, neodymium, low-f...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The XLC127DVX three-way, single DVX3121 12" low-frequency, two 6.5", horn-loaded midbass DVN2065 woofers in a vertical array and two ND6 (three" voice-coil) neodymium compression drivers loaded on two Hydra plane wave generators. 120 degree...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Whether at a medium-sized festival, in a large concert hall or house of worship, or as a supplementary system used with X-Line, XLC compact line arrays have a proven record of performance and reliability. It's no wonder that XLC is one of the most popular...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

MTL/MTH Loudspeakers Point Source Sound System.  See individual listings for details....
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

Xi-2153/64 and Three-Element Line Array These triamp-ready, three-way systems in a unique three-element-line-array configuration are designed for use in reverberant spaces. Dual spaced woofers flank and work with the central mid-bass horn to form the lin...
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by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

XLE181 Line Array System, see individual listings for system details. The XLE181 is a two-way design using the same eight-inch, neodymium LF/MB transducer as the XLD281, and the same dual, ND2S high-frequency driver combination with a 120 degree x 10 degr...
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